Review of The No-Stress Bible Guide: Learn the Big Picture, the Key Passages, and the Divine Plan―All at Your Own Pace, by George W. Knight

The SAMPLE copy of the No-Stress Bible Guide I was given to review was clearly not meant to be an all-inclusive reference. It came across to me like a CliffsNotes version of the Bible. That’s great if you’re studying for a test on the Minor Prophets or you have to write a paper on the salient points of Paul’s missionary journeys.

I’d rather sit down with the whole Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of my understanding. I’m glad I don’t have to pass a test or write a essay, but what I’m doing seems much harder. I’m humbling my pride, crushing my selfish will, and learning to love my enemies. For this I want the whole counsel of God.

I expect this guide to fully meet the needs of some readers, but it’s not for me.