Bad Redhead Media’s Rachel Thompson is Social-Media Savvy!

Rachel Thompson of Bad Redhead Media has pulled out all the stops in providing an invaluable book for authors promoting their own books. Her knowledge of social media is thorough, and in this book she tells how to manage the platforms to turn them into a powerful marketing machine.
She provides links to all the social media platforms, as well as specific pages within each media to accomplish certain tasks. Rachel touches on SEO, Google Analytics, and how all this applies to publishing in Amazon’s KDP Select.
The tone of the book is conversational, and it is formatted into daily doses, so as not to become overwhelming. Rachel even provides assignments for each day to help you move from just reading about marketing your book to getting it done.
I highly recommend this book to the self-publisher! But get your own copy – I know I’ll be referring to mine for at least the next 30 days!