Review of The Settler: A Modern Novel of Israel by Orit Arfa

This book opened a window into Jewish culture and the ancient conflict over land. The main character, Sarah, and her family are forced from their home in Gush Katif (an area in Gaza under Jewish control) as part of what the Israeli government called “Disengagement“. To Sarah and the other Jewish settlers there, it is the “Expulsion”. The death of Sarah’s brother Aaron while serving in the army, along with being uprooted by Israeli soldiers, pushes Sarah into a crisis of faith. She seemingly turns her back on God and the strict observances of law and tradition she was raised with, and plunges into a worldly lifestyle of sex, drugs, and night clubbing.
The author uses many Hebrew words,  usually with the English beside them, or you can tell the meaning from the context. If you are reading on a Kindle, you can tap the word to get a definition in most instances.
I won’t share how the story turns out because I don’t want to be a “spoiler”, but if this topic interests you, it is worth the read.