My Favorite Reads from 2018

The following books are my personal favorites, chosen from those I’ve read during 2018. Not all debuted in 2018. In fact, the majority are older, some by several years, but still wonderful books.

Did you enjoy a favorite book this past year that you think I should have included? Mention it in the comments!


  5 STAR TOP 3  Blue

     5 STAR     Pink

      4 STAR Yellow

The Edward trilogy above is about an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome (or in more recent vernacular, who is neuroatypical or neurodivergent). Edward’s hyperfocus on areas of interest, inability to release perceived wrongs, and other characteristics described in the book closely parallel my experience with a neuroatypical individual. 5 STARS for this series which shows Edward’s growth as a person.

Scott Bolzan is a retired pro football player, businessman, and airplane pilot and he suddenly has no memories – at all – after falling and hitting his head. 5 STARS

You’ll find this story of Pocahontas more realistic than the Disney version. I recommend the audiobook. The narrator has taken care to correctly pronounce the many Native American place names still used in Virginia today.  5 STARS

David Eden injudiciously travels to a dangerous part of the world but defies his low odds of survival, first by hiding who he is (Jewish), then by forming caring relationships with peoples of all faiths before they learn the truth of his identity. 5 STARS for this non-fiction story.

Charles Martin’s The Mountain Between Us is my third Top 3 Favorite Book for 2018. 5 STARS