Sacred Pace by Terry Looper

Successful Christian businessman Terry Looper has written a part-memoir, part-how-to book full of practical advice for the man or woman who wants to follow God’s leading in business, and in life.

Looper became a millionaire in his 20s, and had eclipsed all his financial goals in his 30s, but it came at a great cost. He found himself so utterly depleted – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally – one morning he couldn’t get out of bed. His health and relationships with others were a mess. Although he was about to be ordained as an elder in his church, Looper admitted to himself that money and approval had really been his gods.

This low point in Looper’s life became the genesis of his new way of living and doing business, something he developed into a 4-step process he calls the Sacred Pace. The crux of Looper’s system is what he calls “going neutral”. This means divesting yourself of interest in the matter at hand, as you lay it before God. If your heart cannot impartially say, “I want what You want, God,” then you are not neutral.

The meaning and importance of scripture increased for Looper, as did stopping to discern peace. If there was no peace he could not proceed. Looper demonstrates this principle with examples from his business and life. This book is helpful for those exploring the logistics of following God’s leading.

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