Review of 100 More Stand-Alone Bible Studies

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100 More Stand-Alone Bible Studies is the second in the series by Penelope Wilcock. She advises that these studies were written with the purpose of being used in a home group setting and will be the most helpful in that way, although they can be used by individuals.

Wilcock also provides guidelines for leading a group Bible study, which boils down to stand back and don’t get in the way. This laissez-faire approach could easily lead to misunderstanding the Bible without the guidance of a qualified teacher. Further, it opens the door for potential disagreements to get out of hand.

The subjects addressed in this study book are not ones that usually promote peace. For example, there is extensive time spent right off the bat on baptism, whether infants should be baptized, what is baptism in the Holy Spirit, does it only relate to salvation or is it something more, and what are the participants’ personal experiences regarding baptism in the Holy Spirit. I have known these very issues to cause disagreement among church members and for some to stop attendance over the matter.

If you are not afraid to ask tough questions and confront every issue, albeit from the author’s point of view, have at it! But frankly, this book scares me. It’s like giving a three-year-old a shovel and telling him to start prying up rocks. On the mountain where I live he’s likely to find a few snakes.

Scripture cautions us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12) I’m afraid the studies in 100 More Stand-Alone Bible Studies uses a much bolder method.

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