Review of The Bible Promise Book for the Anxious Heart, by Janice Thompson

The Bible Promise Book for the Anxious Heart is a collection of short devotions meant to displace anxiety with healing, comfort, and peace. The devotions are comprised of Bible verses, the author’s own prayers, and hymn lyrics.

The devotions are alphabetically arranged, from Abilities to Worship. So if you have a problem with worry, let’s hope you don’t also have OCD and a compulsion to read through all the devotions that come before Worry, before reading the section on Worry!

I liked that the author used several different translations of the Bible, instead of chaining the reader to a single translation. In this way Thompson had the freedom to select the translation of that verse which best stated the sentiment of the topic of that devotion. It also gives the reader a chance to see what may be a favorite verse, in a refreshing new way.

If you want to banish anxiety from your heart, this book is a great resource of prayers, scripture, and hymn lyrics to point you toward comfort, healing and peace.

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