Review of I Still Believe, by Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp didn’t live the good “church kid” life growing up. Although his dad was a pastor and he knew all about Jesus and the Christian life, Camp actually lived a double life. A popular football-playing jock, Camp drank with his friends but hid it from his parents. Camp realized the dichotomy of his life while attending a retreat. There he made a commitment to live for Jesus.

This commitment played itself out in Camp giving up football during his senior year, even though he was a star player with a shot at a scholarship. Camp made some tough choices which took him to Bible School and affected his dating life. When he met a like-minded lady, he knew she was the one for him.

Not everything went as planned for Camp, that is, as Camp had planned. But the bigger theme behind Camp’s story is learning to follow God’s plan, not only when it differs from your own, but also when your pain is so great you don’t know how you will survive. It was during just such a time Camp wrote his well known song, I Still Believe.

Camp isn’t perfect, but his attempt and desire to be faithful to God’s leading is inspiring. This is especially true as his life progresses, and we see the faith required for him to continue to trust God after he experiences bewildering disappointment. Camp’s story is soon to be a movie, also called, I Still Believe.

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