Review of Sharing Love Abundantly in Special Needs Families by Dr. Gary Chapman and Jolene Philo

Gary Chapman reviews the Five Love Languages for the uninitiated. Chapman provides a test so the reader can determine which love language(s) they possess. He admits that he does not have a special-needs child, although he has counseled many families in that situation.

To provide a more hands-on point of view, Jolene Philo co-authors this book with Chapman. Philo and her husband are the parents of a special needs child. Philo is also an educator and an author of several books for those dealing with special-needs children.

The chapters alternate with first Chapman, then Philo writing. After a bit of an introduction, they go into ways and examples of using the five love languages in special-needs children. This book is practical and even inspiring, showing what the right love language at the right time can do to make a difficult situation better.

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