My First Children’s Book Has Been Published!

Adventures in Dinosaur Land

Join Eva and her younger brother Hudson as they play in Dinosaur Land, hide from big and loud dinosaurs, are saved from their dangerous hiding place during a volcanic eruption, and learn that dinosaurs aren’t scary after all!

Adventures in Dinosaur Land features adorable watercolor pictures. The uncluttered art style makes it easy for young children to focus.

Children from two to five-years-old will enjoy having this book read to them. Children who are starting to read, up through age eight, will enjoy reading Adventures in Dinosaur Land. This book is appropriate for boys or girls. Both are depicted in the story.

An element of fantasy is present in dinosaurs who recognize the children are in danger and rescue them, dinosaurs that can fly, and dinosaurs that play with children.

The text is concise and understandable. Key vocabulary words include:
  • adventures
  • dinosaur             
  • earth
  • loud                      
  • roar
  • afraid                   
  • hide
  • mountain           
  • smoke
  • fire                        
  • volcano
  • dangerous         
  • safety
  • friends
Concepts for possible discussion with your child include:
  • Some things that are scary may not be dangerous.
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Is fear good or bad?
  • Should you hide when you are afraid?
  • Should you hide when there is danger?
  • Why were Eva and Hudson not safe when hiding from the volcano?
  • Is there anyone you are afraid of who may become your friend?
  • It is still important to remember some people are not good.
  • An older sibling takes responsibility for her younger brother.
  • Sibling relationships can be close. These children play together and sometimes hold hands.

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