Homeschooling Resources from BethBirdBooks

Are you homeschooling your Pre-K through 2nd Grader? BethBirdBooks has developed some great resources for that grade range!

The ABC Letter Tracing WorkbookTracing pages have dotted lines in the shape of the letter for the child to trace with a pencil, not just once but for the whole page.

Each line has dashes in the center to help with proper placement and formation of letters.

Twenty-one blank lined pages are in the back of the book for writing without tracing.

Each letter of the English alphabet has a

*Coloring page (A is for Apple)

*Tracing page for Capital Letters

*Tracing page for Lower Case Letters


*Large 8.5×11 Inch Trim Size (Stays open easier!)

*100 Pages (Good Value!)

*Great Resource for Homeschool

*Excellent for Learning and Practice

Also Available, the 123 Number Tracing Workbook

And the Manuscript Handwriting Workbook

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