Star Rising by Janet W. Ferguson

In Star Rising, Janet W. Ferguson writes about a young woman making the hard, correct choices which are exemplary of living the Christian life. Temptations aren’t discounted. Hurts aren’t glossed over. Romantic tension courses through the pages.
Just about anyone can relate to the characters in this Christian romance. Have you gotten mad at God because you think life’s circumstances turned on you? Or are you coming out of a rough time or place and clinging to God just to make it? Perhaps you are feeling the effects of age or disease, but you still have a lot to offer?
In Star Rising, Janet W. Ferguson shows God doing what he does best: mending the hearts and lives of broken people. This book has a decidedly hopeful tone, but it isn’t a fairy tale. The characters encounter real-life problems, and things don’t always work out the way we might expect.
If you like a good clean romance with a flair of Irish, Star Rising fits the bill.

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