Review of Dr. Bearry, a children’s book by Alejandro Medina

New author Alejandro Medina has created a children’s bedtime book to help them overcome their fear of doctors. Medina presents Dr. Bearry, a stuffed bear in scrubs, who looks after children and is there for them to hug in anxious situations. Dr. Bearry guides the child in the nighttime rituals of snuggling in bed, counting sheep, and saying prayers.

Medina geared this brief, 16-page book toward the youngest child’s attention span by employing rhyming verses and muted colors to soothe little ones before falling asleep. Medina used photography with computer enhancements to create the artwork, giving it an illustrative feel. The book includes depictions of children of multiple ethnicities.

Children facing medical situations would benefit from this splendid book. If you wanted to gift it with a Dr. Bearry-like bear, do an online search for bears in scrubs.

The Kindle version of the book is now available, and you can buy the physical format soon, through Amazon and Lulu.

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