Review of Falling Into Place, by Elaine Orr

Falling Into Place by Elaine Orr will pique your interest from the start.

Why are poppies so significant?

Why did Everett stop working outside the home?

Why doesn’t Everett drive any more?

What will happen to Everett when his wife is gone? Will he be able to manage on his own? Will his children let him try?

How can Everett step in to help when his granddaughter is seriously ill and he is the only possible person to assist?

How does this seemingly helpless old man become a hero?

Everything will fall into place by the end of this well-written story. Themes include #WWII, #PTSD, #Cancer, #Gardening, #ElderCare, and #TerminalIllness.

There’s nothing dark or sexually explicit in this book; it is a “Cozy” read. Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy!