A Mom’s Heart for Her Son

My guest blogger today is Lisa Williams. She is a super-busy wife and mother to two wonderful children.  From her posts, I know things are not always easy for her. But I really admire that she is parenting purposefully. I think that is evident in this letter she wrote to her young son:

~~Guest Blog By Lisa Williams~~

With all that is happening in our world, I feel an urgency to be intentional about raising my children. I’m not only raising my son, but someone’s future husband, father, best friend, brother, etc. Even though he’s only 3 years old, I’m forced to think about the type of man I want Wyatt to become. Training starts from birth, really. My mind has been stuck lately on this…


-Life is tough with or without God in it. But WITH God, you get direction and wisdom, an untouchable inner peace and love that is never-ending. You’ll live for a God much bigger than yourself, and if you ever feel like a failure, He will show you your purpose and worth. He’s worth it all.

-ALWAYS be kind. To everyone. Even when they’re not kind in return. ESPECIALLY when they’re not! There’s always a reason why. Each person was created by God, for His purpose. Just like you. Treat them with respect, even when you don’t agree with their opinions, politics, beliefs. It’s not your job to change anyone. It’s your job to be kind, compassionate, and to love them. Also, be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Learn to love the person God created you to be. When you eat too much junk food, don’t beat yourself up. Smile because it was delicious😋

-It’s okay-I even encourage you- to be a bit of a feminist. Women are strong and capable worthy of the same respect as men. Don’t forget it.

-On that same note, respect girls and women. When other boys and men are rude and crude and lewd, don’t join in. When you’re dating one girl, don’t eyeball other prospects. Wandering eyes aren’t necessary to ensure your man card. Hold yourself to a higher standard and do not budge! Don’t speak badly of women’s bodies. Yours isn’t perfect either. Hold doors for them. Open car doors for them. Position yourself closest to the road when you’re walking with them. Be a true gent. If they don’t appreciate it, move on. You’ll find a gem who does;)

-Your stubbornness will come in handy at times. But being too stubborn can push people away. Find a healthy balance.

-Friendships are very important! You’ll need people, and they’ll need you. Just keep in mind that people aren’t perfect. They’ll fail you, and you’ll fail them. That’s what grace and mercy and forgiveness are for! Just don’t burn your bridges back to them. You’ll learn which ones to hold onto and which ones to let go.

-Being right isn’t important. Being humble is.

-Travel. Live other places. If you choose to come back “home”, you’ll be here because this is where your heart is. It will kill me to see you go, but I’ll encourage your every step. There’s a really big world out there for you to explore. Your dad wholeheartedly disagrees with me. He wants you here. He’s the selfish parent😂

-Be your sister’s best friend. ALWAYS be there for her. Protect her. Defend her. Be only a phone call or flight or car ride away. Other men will fail her. Don’t be one of them. Be her home base.

-You can become whatever you want to be! You live in the BEST country on earth! Take advantage of its freedom and opportunity, but don’t take it for granted. It owes you nothing. (You better stand proud, with your hand over your heart, for our National Anthem! Or I will ring your ears!) But you have to WORK for it. And work hard! Your dad and I will not make your life too easy. We will force you to do your chores, make good grades, work for your money. We will make you volunteer your time to charities and to other people in need. We will kick your butt into shape because you’re worth it. Ensuring your future is worth our dedication. Become a man who contributes greatness to your society and to your family. They’re worth it.


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