Anticipating Heaven by Michael E. Wittmer

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Anticipating Heaven 

Michael E. Wittmer was called to the bedside of a dying friend to give spiritual counsel. Although he knew the answers, he initially felt unprepared to offer them. After a verbal misstep or two, Wittmer felt God’s prompting and was able to assure his friend of her salvation and answer other questions.

Spurred by that experience Wittmer developed Anticipating Heaven to answer what happens when believers die, and what happens after that.

There are many other “Heaven” books on the shelves today, and Wittmer wisely distinguishes his book from the personal accounts by sticking to scripture as his source.

Anticipating Heaven is easy to read and will address most of your basic questions about heaven. Books already available on the topic by Randy Alcorn and David Jeremiah take a more thorough approach if you are doing comprehensive study.

This book would be helpful if you are contemplating your own end-of-life, that of a friend or loved one, or you are in a ministerial capacity that brings you in contact with people nearing death.

With a little pre-planning, you can have the assurance of salvation and be aware of what the Bible says regarding events after death. If you have any doubts at all, Wittmer’s book can head you in the right direction.

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