102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament by Dr. William H. Marty

Professional Reader

Dr. William H. Marty was inspired to write 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament partly from the students’ questions he fielded during his 37 years teaching at Moody Bible Institute.

The studies can be done in any order, and in fact the author recommends you not read this book like a novel. It is appropriate for Christians and non-Christians alike. Marty stresses the importance of reading the noted scripture passages to get full understanding of the studies.

The studies are organized by the life of Christ and the four Gospels, the Book of Acts, Paul’s epistles, the general epistles, several studies drawn from the book of Revelation, and doctrine.

Each study begins with a topic, ranging from the Genealogies of Jesus to the Wrath of God. Marty briefly explores the topic, including scripture references. Then several study questions are presented, also with scripture references. Each study concludes with a memory verse.

As suggested above, you cannot properly do this study without using the Bible to explore the many scripture references. While Marty presents the topic and guides you with insightful questions, it is truly a study of the Bible.

102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament is a great way to delve into a topical study of scripture either in a group or on your own.

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