Review of The Bible Promise Book: 500 Scriptures to Grow Your Prayer Life in paperback by Emily Biggers

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Biggers has divided her book into fifty sections of ten verses per section. The section heading often comes in the form of a question such as, “When should you pray?”

However these questions are not answered in the traditional way. Biggers records a short prayer, her own conversation with God, which gives some thoughts on the question.

It is after the prayer that the ten verses are listed, each with its reference. The verses all pertain to the topic heading. All the verses are given in the King James Version of the Bible. If you are a KJV-only Christian this will suit you fine.

I know there are others who prefer more modern translations, which are not to be found here. For this reason I predict this book will have a limited audience.

What I would wish for – thinking futuristically – would be a book similar to this in an eBook format, in which you could select the version of the Bible you wish to read the scriptures, or read each scripture in several versions to get the nuanced meaning.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these verses are nicely grouped by topic, and if you wish to access them in another version you may – just bring your own Bible. They are useful, as the title suggests, for growing your prayer life. There is power in praying the scriptures!

These groupings would also lend themselves to scripture memory or a topical Bible study.

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