Review of Not Forsaken by Louie Giglio

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A few of us had great fathers. Some of us had rotten fathers. Too many of us had no father at all. Regardless of what kind of earthly father we had, Louie Giglio’s message is, “God is not the reflection of your earthly father, He is the perfection of your earthly father,”

Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, has written Not Forsaken, a book about fathers. Giglio writes of our desire, even from childhood, to be noticed by our father. Whether or not we received the attention we craved from our earthly father, our heavenly father is watching over us.

Giglio and his wife had been successfully ministering on the campus of Baylor University in Texas when Giglio’s father had a stroke. The couple wanted to return to Atlanta to help care for Giglio’s dad, but did not feel a release from God to stop what they were doing and move.

After several years of seeking God to return to Atlanta to help care for his dad, Giglio and his wife finally felt they had the green light from God. But just before their move, Giglio’s dad died. That put Giglio in Atlanta with no job, wondering why he was there, and if he had heard God correctly.

Within a couple months Giglio had an idea that eventually grew into Passion Conferences, a gathering of college-age young adults. These annual meetings are well attended, drawing thousands of young people. Passion City Church is an outgrowth of the Passion Conferences.

As God’s plan for Giglio played out, he was able to see that God had not forsaken him. Giglio says our heavenly father will not forsake us, either.

I received a free audio copy of this book, and I choose to give an unbiased review.

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