Review of The 5-Minute Bible Study for the Anxious Heart, by Janice Thompson

Format:  Paperback

The 5-Minute Bible Study for the Anxious Heart follows this formula:  

Read – the short scripture passage selected for the study.   

Understand – by pondering the provided prompts throughout your day.

Apply – what you have learned with further thoughts from the brief devotion.

Pray – with help from the author’s provided prayer. Allow time to hear from God.

Following Thompson’s formula, you should be able to hurry your anxiety through each one of these devotions in five minutes flat. If you are that pressed for time, I can see why you are anxious.

I’m sure the ultra busy person loves the condensed “5-minute” Bible studies. No doubt this one can calm your anxious heart, because God’s Word always accomplishes what it is sent out to do. But I believe if you linger a little longer over the scripture, prompts, and application; and take time to add your heartfelt sentiments with Thompson’s prayer, you will receive much more benefit from these studies.

The scripture passages have been wisely selected and the rest of the study’s words carefully chosen. Thompson wasn’t rushed when she put this Bible study together. Do yourself a favor and stretch these studies until you perceive God’s Word taking root in your heart. At some point you will realize it is no longer an anxious heart!

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