Review of Rewired: an Unlikely Doctor, a Brave Amputee, and the Medical Miracle that Made History, by Dr. Ajay K. Seth

Animal-lover Melissa Loomis was seeing to her two barking dogs one early morning, in hopes she could quiet them before they woke the neighbors. She discovered their barking was incited by a raccoon climbing over the fence into the back yard. One of the dogs went for its tail pulling the raccoon from the fence and into the yard.

Melissa knew she had to separate the raccoon from her dogs, as much for the raccoon’s safety as the wellbeing of her dogs. She reached into the fray to grab the dogs’ collars, and it was then that the raccoon bit her hard on the right wrist and scratched her left arm. Using both hands, Melissa grabbed the wild animal and hurled it back over the fence.

Thus begins the story of the injury that cost Melissa her hand and lower arm, opening the way for what the doctor treating Melissa calls a series of miraculous happenings to align just right so that in 2016 Melissa could become the most advanced bionic woman on the planet.

The groundbreaking medicine in this case was not just a prosthetic hand that could grasp and hold in a surprisingly helpful way. The new breakthrough was an artificial hand that could send signals to the brain mimicking feeling.

This was great news for Melissa in her tragic circumstances, of course. Although it was experimental at the time Melissa went through it, Dr. Seth closed the book by describing efforts to bring the same technology to the amputees at Walter Reed Hospital, which treats wounded American soldiers.

This is an inspirational book if you can look for the many positives that come out of the story. If you are prone to stand with your mouth agape when the amputation occurs, not able to move past that point, Rewired may not be for you. For the rest of us, let’s follow Melissa’s example of rolling with life’s punches and looking for the good that comes our way.

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